Based in London UK, we work with fashion business of all sizes, from established fashion brands, online retailers, individual designers to startups.

We focus solely in the fashion tech because that is where our strengths, expertise, experience and connections are. With 15 years of experience in the field and a great passion in what we do, we have helped many clients present their brands to the world. To date, we have worked with clients from the UK, Europe, US and SE Asia.

Our Values

Listen to understand

Understanding our client's objective is the key to a successful project. With this, we are able to accurately match our client's expectation and fulfil the objectives.

The Tao of learning

Technology moves fast, we pledge to learn new skills, learn from past mistakes, adapt to the latest trends and keep abreast with the industry news. This keeps us ahead of the game. 

Love what you do,
Do what you love

When you love what you do, it motivates you and keep things fun while obstacles are only challenges to learn something new.

Key Skills