A specialist in luxury concept web design and creative visual, focused in the fashion and luxury sectors. We provide a seamless service in all aspects of the E-commerce website establishment process for clients in the UK and abroad.

The global fashion industry has recently been valued at around 3trillion USD, a meaningful portion of the world economy.  As the online fashion retailing sector continues to grow to become a significant portion of the overall industry; it is not only consumer lifestyles and habits that have evolved, but so too has the way businesses are built and sourced. Purple Lamb was founded with the objective of providing a flexible and dynamic work lifestyle for the new generation of online businesses and their owners.

Currently we are already providing continuous creative support to fashion companies and individual web owners in the UK, Europe, USA and SE Asia. We excel in eCommerce website design and development, web solutions, marketing communications design, visual photography and more.

Our Dedication

Startup Support

We support entrepreneurship and startup with the A-Z of communication designs to get your ideas off the ground through various channels.

Rebrand. Revamp

Technology advances, new trends emerge. We help businesses rebrand and revamp their existing branding image to ensure a fresh front that can keep up with the times and demand.

On Demand Support

We provide reliable support in all aspects of creative design for businesses and web owners when they require a helping hand or trusted partner, removing the commitment of hiring in-house.

What Our Client Says